Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Well, it's about time!

For those of you who though it nearly impossible to type one-handed...buahahaahhhh! I strike again. Well, just one key at a time, mind you. When I first started practicing this form of art, I seldom got to the end of a sentence without forgetting what I was going to write in the first place, because it just took such a darn long time! Nowadays, I've either sharpened my memory skills or have improved tremendously at typing in such manner. Maybe a little bit of both. One thing is for sure: it's certainly about time I start keeping one of these things! A blog, that is.

I used to be quite the writer, back in the day--and I daresay I almost loved writing as much as I love making music. Almost. As you should well know, however, creating music (or complete songs, anyway) does indeed involve writing. So, how convenient. Come to think of it, it's really about time I get back into the swing of that, too.

Actually, it's about time for something else, too....lunch! So while Cali is grunting away trying to work through those gas issues, I'm going to let her chillax in her bassinet while I make a quick lunch.

Eggs and rice. Overeasy, with crispy edges. Add a bit of soy sauce on top. When you stick your spoon into the egg, the yolk spills out all over the nice bed or rice you have underneath, and the eggs, rice, and soy sauce all mesh together in a very scrumptious fashion. Ryan and I thoroughly enjoy it, anyway.

So I'm supposed to be taking in all these calories and still make healthy food choices. So I suppose I must limit my intake of the above said eggs and rice, daggum cholesterol. Not that my cholesterol is too high, but it's just not good for anyone to have too much cholesterol in their diets. Anyway, back to the point....what was my point? Bah.
Oh, yes, I remember. I am excited about starting new workouts and getting back into that as well. I've made a few attempts at exercising since Cali was born, and I must say, they were pretty good ones. Within reason, of course. I'm not running yet or anything, because I think the impact is still a bit too much for me right now, but I'm going for my six-week checkup in a couple days, and hopefully the doc tells me everything is great, so I can resume exercising, and other activities. ;)
Two days before Cali's arrival, Ryan and his aunt Thuyanh watched as I cavorted around the living room with a huge belly, working out to a prenatal exercise video. It was deliciously entertaining for all other parties involved. Ryan documented this event on video. Now that I'm not pregnant anymore and can watch this video, I myself am quite entertained, although I don't know what's funnier, my pregnant self exercising, or Ryan's commentary of my pregnant self exercising. Haha.

Alright! So this is going to be our blog that documents milestones, special events, random happenings, adventures, misadventures and any mayhem that ensues. Good, fun mayhem, that is. I mean, when you walk into our apartment, we have this thing on the wall with a painting of a squirrel that reads, "Welcome to the nut house," and although, if I remember correctly, it was the squirrel alone that truly inspired us to buy this thing, the phrase on it sure didn't hurt. :) We have fun. What's life without a little fun?
As soon as I can continue writing, I will catch you up on the happenings thus far. Believe me...there are some happenings to be mentioned!


Rachel said...

You're the latest addition to my blogroll! I think you, Rhema and I need to have a blogger pow-wow, and I can show you the ropes a bit.

Love you, Mama Luci! Welcome to the other side. haha

cool mum said...

Found you through Rachel...One-handed typists unite! Although right now I have both hands to type, thanks to the infamous and possibly uncool Boppy pillow on my lap...

Keep blogging!