Saturday, January 19, 2008

Week 6 updates!

So I thought a few things worth mentioning....

1.Earlier this week, Cali spit up in Ryan's mouth while he was kissing her. He immediately wiped his face off with the cloth, ran to the sink, and rinsed out his mouth. Really well. Haha...
He said it tasted like pure throw-up. Gross!
2.She spit up all over me while she was laying on my chest. Got all over my neck and my hair.
3. She seems to find it so convenient to spit up in the middle of having her clothes changed, therefore causing yet another change of clothes.
4.We found out that between 6 to 8 weeks, babies develop their "social smiles," which means the smile is not so reflexive anymore (ie, caused by gas or such), and is actually intentional. Her big chubby cheeks raise and she opens her little mouth in delight. They're still few and far between at this stage, though, but it's very obvious when she does it.
5.she coos and gurgles all the time, and makes the funniest little faces. Yesterday morning we were all in the bed together and Ryan and I were just looking at her and laughing. A lot.
6.A couple nights ago, while Ryan was taking care of her and I slept, he said she smiled really big and giggled! Haha! I WISH I could've seen that!
7.Her little legs are also getting so chubby and cute! Last Friday at her 1 month appointment , she weighed a little over 9lbs, and I can assure you she's gained plenty more since then! I swear she gets so big overnight.
8. So far she's had 3 blowouts. If you don't know what that is, use your imagination.
and finally...
9.Just this afternoon, she spit up in Ryan's mouth again, he consequently made funny faces, and she smiled. Really big.
Hopefully she won't do this often to get that reaction out of him because she thinks it's funny or entertaining! Haha!!


Rachel said...

Maybe he'll stop attacking her face with his lips now. hahahaha Sorry, but it was bound to happen! :) That is disgusting, though. I feel a little bad for Ry. Only a little. Yes.

I can't wait to see her smile! I should come over sometime again. I feel like I haven't seen you guys in a long time!

Much love.

Shawna said...

wow...she's really got a thing for throwing up in daddy's mouth. Yeesh! That's so gross! *shudders*