Friday, February 1, 2008

"What you say?"

Cali is quite the vocal little girl. She's been cooing and making all kinds of noises since she was just a week or two old. Those coos have recently turned into gurgles of many sorts. And to our entertainment, many of her little gurgles and coos actually sound like words, although we are well aware that she does not know what she's saying, haha. Here are some of the things she'd "said" so far:

1. Hello
2. Nooooo!
3. Hi
4. Ewwww gross (this was my favorite)
5. Mommy
6.I'm gooooood (this one was pretty funny, right as I was changing her diaper)
7. Okay, okay, okay (usually when she's finishing a good cry)

Haha!! I'm serious, too! I'll have to add more as I hear them.


Rachel said...

Oh Cali! What a sweet little tike she is! A prodigy, really.

Can't wait to see you guys tonight. In the words of my dad, "I want to see that baby!"

haha She'll steal their hearts, I'm sure.

Shawna said...

haha..."eeeew gross" That's adorable!